In the invisible world of computing, the issue of fraud and crime go far deeper than the threat of a break into the system. Using traditional security systems, computers or mobile devices are only as secure as the amount of software, hardware, and knowledge they have loaded into them that looks for commands or actions that are not authorized.

Enigma has solved the problem by knowing real security lies in watching and stopping an unauthorized action in real-time. Rather than having security solutions resolve problems after they have happened, Enigma SECURE has created the metaphorical eyes that watch a system and prevent any breach, enabling it to self-heal.

The ultimate challenge for any technology is to prove it can do what it claims it can do. In 2012 an open challenge was made to the computer security world to demonstrate protection with certainty, equal to the language that drives Enigma. Only one company stepped forward to rise to the challenge – IBM – and with best attempts could not ensure security with the certainty of the software that runs the Enigma engine.

Under the correct financing Enigma will be able to build and complete a downloadable app for the mobile world, that includes Android, Apple iOS, and Blackberry. With proper marketing, Enigma has the opportunity to carve out and profit from its unique and stand-alone capability in the mobile security marketplace.

Currently, there is an investment opportunity to participate in this growth. Sophisticated, accredited, value-added investors are encouraged to make contact.

The Enigma Mobile Security App Overview

The Enigma Mobile Security App is designed to prevent unauthorized user access to various mobile devices, their operating systems and other third party apps installed on those devices.

All online security systems use an Authentication Process to insure that input data is compliant and “friendly” to devices, networks, applications and enterprise business logic.

The Enigma Mobile Security App uses 3 Stages during its Authentication Process while all other solutions use only Stage 1 and 2.

Stage 1:

Manages network segments, addresses, ports, and other network attributes are authenticated by routers, bridges and firewalls.

Stage 2:

Manages user IDs, passwords, biometrics and other user attributes are authenticated by the application or enterprise sign-on servers.

Stage 3:

In stage three the Enigma Mobile Security App uses the actual application process logic along with the system business logic to authenticate transactions or user request actions.

Stage 3 is the Critical Solution

The Stage 1 and Stage 2 authentication process is very easy to by-pass, and as result, unauthorized user access to mobile devices has become trivial and common. The mobile device owner is unaware that unauthorized users have full access to their device.

The Enigma Mobile Security App has created the crucial Stage 3 authentication process where ALL unauthorized users are blocked from accessing the owner’s mobile device.

The Enigma Mobile Security Application is developed using the patented 5GL+ language, dzAudit. The language also referred to as a “Causal Inference Engine” is the only of its kind, 10 years in development.
The paradigm shift for security is “Model Driven Monitoring” over existing Data Driven Monitoring. All results are integrated with a simple and easy to use dashboard which reports any attempt/prevented access by unauthorized users.