Dr. David Chalk (d.Tech)

Award-Winning Entrepreneur | Technology Visionary | Cyber Terrorism Expert

pic_davidchalkNamed a ‘Leader of the Next Millennium’ by Equity Magazine, Dr. David Chalk is a leading Cyber Security expert whose knowledge and expertise regarding the current state of Cyber threats is unsurpassed around the world.

David Chalk has consulted with the US Military Special Operations Division on Cyber security and is a sought-after advisor for some of the most powerful agencies in North America including the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), the FBI, the NSA, Homeland Security, Air Command, and the US Navy, along with many others.

Studying the increase of Cyber Security and Crime for over a decade, Chalk recognizes that as we have grown more heavily dependent on the Cyber World, we have also created the new battlefield of the 21st Century.

Chalk strongly believes this world of technology we have created is failing us, and that the Global Networks and Cyber Infrastructures that are continually being developed to drive efficiency in government and business around the world are not protected from harm and possible destruction. As Chalk asserts “…there is currently no computer system that is 100% safe from intrusion: no firewalls or anti-virus software can protect 100% of attacks.”

News headlines of businesses and government organizations being hacked and infiltrated by foreign nations are on the rise, and Chalk predicts that more severe damage is yet to come. Fortunately Chalk has not only identified the problem but the absolute solution the cyber industry has been waiting for, and it is what government and business leaders alike need to know to protect themselves in the current Cyber Security crisis.

Chalk is a pioneer in the technology industry having created Doppler Computers and Chalk Media Inc., and has received numerous awards for his many innovations in the business and technology worlds. Among his many accolades, Chalk has received an Honorary Doctorate in Technology from the University of Fraser Valley, Ernst and Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year Award, and Top 100 Companies to Work for Award.

Chalk continues to speak to governments and leading businesses and institutions on technology, the many challenges facing the Cyber World, and the total paradigm shift that is needed in order to resolve the current Cyber Security crisis.